Meet the Team

Operation Director

Professor Lewis Le Vay has overall direction and oversight of the operation, with 30 years experience of collaborative research, linking academic expertise with commercial and institutional partners with interests in aquaculture, fisheries and marine resource management.


The shellfish centre is able to call on a number of experienced academics who can support the science underpinning collaborative projects. They will work together with the scientific officers, bringing a wide range of additional expertise, contributing to experimental and statistical design, analyses, report writing and dissemination:

Scientific Officers

The shellfish Centre employs a number of scientific officers who are able to transfer research knowledge to the commercial sector via collaborative research projects with businesses.

Support team

The Support Team is led by our project manager, Mrs Esther Howie.

The Shellfish Centre has a comprehensive support team that includes, but is not limited to, our IT manager, Laboratory manager, laboratory and field technicians, project administrator, development funds manager, accountant, finance officer and clerical officers.